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    Getting Students College-Ready ... will your child be ready?

    Getting Students College-Ready ... will your child be ready?


    Few students are ready two months after high school graduation to enter college and make it worthwhile.

    Let that sink in for a bit and ask yourself- how will my child become college-ready to make its cost worth it?

    Dropping off your child at college is the first step in the next phase of their life. 

    Just because it shows up on their life's calendar as "time" to go to college, doesn't mean they are ready. The reality is that few 18-year-olds are ready for the rigor and challenges lying ahead. 

    Why not? Because they don't have the proper mindset and plan for success. Predictably, most students get behind early and struggle to catch up.

    How do they get ready? The answer is too long for this memo. That's why I scheduled a webinar. 

    Register for my webinar on Tuesday, May 2nd, at 7:00 CST / 8:00 EST to learn how your child can become college-ready. 

    In the meantime, here are my 3 secrets to "winning..., earning..., receiving..., and achieving..." that I will share in detail on Tuesday evening.

    1. Master the Content
    2. Establish Credibility & Substance
    3. Mold your Mindset; Build your Profile

    Join us Tuesday evening, April 2nd.

    How to be in the 10% 

    For 8th -11th grader families who want to win preferred admissions, earn top scholarships, receive desired job offers, and achieve great success.

    Date: Tuesday, April 2nd, 7:00 pm CST, 8:00 EST

    Click here to Register

    CST- your room opens at 6:45 pm
    EST- your room opens at 7:45 pm

    Duration: 60 minutes, including Q&A

    I'll see you on Tuesday.


    One Thousand Times Waking Up...

    One Thousand Times Waking Up...

    One thousand times doing anything is a lot! 

    Making the Final College Decision

    This time of year, I am constantly asked-
    "How will we make the final decision?" 

    This is a great question. Why? Because if you're not asking it, you're much more likely to make the wrong decision than those who ask it.

    The best school, college prestige, and highest ranking often dominate the decision process. 

    I'm not disputing people's interests in those things, but I can say this with 100% certainty. If your child is unhappy and unmotivated with the college environment after a month or two, its prestigious name and ranking will wear off fast.

    When it's decision time, I will ask the student-

    Where do you want to wake up 1,000 times to the sounds, sights, smells, and feel of a college?

    Parents, I understand your interests. However, the student has to wake up someplace 1,000 times, be motivated, and not be overwhelmed. The difference will feel like the width of the Atlantic Ocean.

    One thousand times waking up ... let that settle in before making a decision. Your child will be thankful.

    Factors to Never Consider

    Factors to Never Consider


    One of the two most important life decisions is choosing a college. 

    "I have friends who will be going there and I'm going to room with my best friend!"

    Oh no... I've heard that way too many times. I've also heard a year later that they are no longer friends.

    It seems time-appropriate to post on this topic-

    Factors to 
    never consider in choosing a college:

    • Friends are there
    • Boyfriend or girlfriend is going there
    • You love the sports teams
    • To please your parents
    • Sounds impressive to friends and relatives
    • Looked beautiful during a springtime visit
    • Nice dorms and food court

    Factors to always consider in choosing a college:

    • Education includes- experiential learning, study abroad, research, internship opportunities
    • Correlation of studies to career interests
    • Positive influences and influencers
    • Sophistication of study culture
    • Supportive environment- feeling of belonging
    • Appeasing to the senses- air, sounds, sights, smells, safety, and security
    • Appeal and interest in the local community
    • Desired location for job prospects, networking
    • Likelihood of achieving expected outcomes
    • Cost as it relates to finances and budget

    Choosing a college is one of the two most important life decisions ever... choose wisely!

    The other important one? Choosing your life partner... I'm no help there, ha!

    The Unspoken Secret to College Success

    The Unspoken Secret to College Success

     "C you at home."- Marie D, beloved parent and a favorite mom of mine.

    As she cupped her forefinger and thumb, "C you at home" were the last words Marie spoke to her son while dropping him off at collegeUMiami.

    I know, I heard it live. And it got her son's attention!

    In my 15 - 20 years working in this profession, those are the wisest words I've ever heard from a parent... not the second or third wisest... the wisest! 

    So that everyone catches the context here, Maria was informing her son that if he gets a "C" in any course, he will not be permitted to return to college. 

    Marie's approach was very direct. This was no idle threat. Her son called me two weeks ago to help him in a class that worried him about getting a "C". 

    C's reflect a sizable deficiency in one's understanding of course content. It's compounded by putting a student in a weak position going forward in higher-level classes. 

    I don't like weak positions. Why not? Success is not attained from a position of weakness. 

    Here's my theme for today's memo-

    The unspoken secret to academic success is "
    mastering the content."

    Why is it unspoken? Because it implies harder work!

    The bigger the ambition, the harder the work. Success is built upon mastering the content. 

    This doesn't begin in college. Rather, it begins in the early stages of high school- 9th grade.

    It's important to master the content early to build upon that mastery later. It will play forward through college. 

    "C you at home." Thank you, dear Marie!

    College's Response to AI Written Essays

    College's Response to AI Written Essays

    Colleges are always staying one step ahead.

    Power-Point for this week:
    Colleges have grown tired of receiving AI-written essays. They can spot them easily but they can't disallow them.

    Instead, in the next application cycle, many colleges will begin to replace written essays with video essays.

    This will come as a big challenge to the students. They will be presented as an impromptu (not rehearsed) video response to a particular question.

    The student will have a brief moment to organize their thoughts and present them on a recorded video platform.

    My take is that this is exactly what we should expect, and it's welcomed by me. I view it as an advantage to our students... and I like the advantage.