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    Finish's the end-game that determines winners!

    Finish's the end-game that determines winners!

    The "end-game" is a familiar term to everyone, yet it is played well by so few...making outcomes predictable.

    Super Bowl games are won and lost in the last minutes.
    Baseball games are won and lost in the last inning.
    Basketball games are won and lost in the last second.
    Golf matches are won and lost on the last shot.
    Tennis matches are won and lost in the last game.
    Chess matches are won and lost on the last move.
    Olympic medals are decided at the last moment.

    Of course, I could go on and on. Those are sports and games though. I'm here to discuss college.

    Meaningful relationships are built upon the final words spoken.

    Admission acceptances are won and lost in the final actions of applicants.

    Scholarship awards are decided upon the final score of tests.

    Jobs are offered upon the final interview of prospects.

    So much of life is decided in the end-game. But it's in the end-game that so many people, both parents and kids, give way to apathy, content, and apparent disregard. It's simply a careless way to go about pursuing opportunities.

    To gain success, you have to finish the job, whatever the job is to be done. Sunday night I will be playing Bass Guitar in a concert for which I've worked hard over the past few months. Now is not the time to ease up with comfort and confidence, or laziness. Rather, I will work it hard through the finish line...through the last note played.

    You can do the through the finish line!

    For H.S. Freshmen, score well on the next test; finish your year strong; you're grades live with you forever.

    For H.S. Sophomores, finish your homework; study hard for your the next test; complete your projects on time.

    For H.S. Juniors, work your SAT/ ACT prep through to the test date; put forth a strong finish on all tests.

    For H.S. Seniors, finish the application process by working it hard over the next two months; your future depends on it; your success lies in the wait.

    For College Students, finish each class with your best effort; don't get tired or your end-game ability.

    For Parents, you set the example at home for your children...always put the finishing touches on everything.

    I often hear parents say- "My child doesn't test well." I did not "test well" until I improved my study habits. So what does it really infer to when someone "doesn't test well"?

    Just getting started is not good enough, rather, you have to finish strong!


    Win the End-Game!


    The Unwillingness to Get Started Crushes People's Dreams

    The Unwillingness to Get Started Crushes People's Dreams

    "Start small and the world expands- Lyn B., my Yoga Instructor"

    My wife often says in amazement- "Hans, you're a doer!"

    I don't really know any different. Mary also points out that I occasionally do things wrong, ha, okay, I accept that. We don't live this long without having made mistakes. But we don't get important things done by leaving them unattended!

    In the quiet closing moments of last week's Yoga class, Lyn uttered softly- "Start small and the world expands."

    Bigger words can not be spoken, thank you Lyn! 

    I think the unwillingness to get started is the one certain way to crush dreams and terminate success plans. 

    Getting started is always the hard part for anything we do that might be challenging and worthy. But without getting started on our important tasks or projects, we are left to random outcomes, and that's never good enough.

    When it comes to college preparation, there's nothing on the calendar that says- today is the day to get started. Without proper notice, people wait, then hope, then wish. It's the basic 
    wait, hope, and wish strategy which is no platform for achieving success, rather, it's a losing proposition.

    Today, take 5 minutes to decide upon starting something that is important before it becomes urgent.

    For H.S. Freshmen, you can start mapping out your high school class progression looking for opportunities to take meaningful electives.

    For H.S. Sophomores, you can start SAT prep for exams that might be ten months away.

    For H.S. Juniors, you can start visiting colleges for meeting key people, asking important questions, and forming your responses to their questions.

    For H.S. Seniors, you can start researching study programs at your accepted colleges and correlating those studies to possible career opportunities.

    For College Students, you can start building your desired image, enhancing your LinkedIn Profile and building your Resume.

    For Parents, you can start being the leader in this process that you want to be. 

    Start small and the world expands...brilliant!


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    Athletes, Your Recruiting Cannot Begin Until...

    Athletes, Your Recruiting Cannot Begin Until...

    Your recruiting cannot begin until you've earned the trust of a college coach, and, it cannot end until the coach has earned your trust!

    I spoke last summer at a Siena College Baseball camp with over 50 player-families in attendance. I asked the boys how many colleges had they visited. In total of all the boys, with over 30 of them entering their senior year, they had visited less than 20 colleges. I then asked them how many coaches had they met while on a college visit. Their collective response was less than ten.

    During my son's recruiting days, Jeff visited over 20 colleges and he met over 15 coaches. Jeff received 6-8 offers. He chose Sacred Heart University where he enjoyed a great college experience. Oh, the $120,000 scholarship was quite helpful to me, needless-to-say!

    Here's the simple point, you will not earn the trust of a college coach without meeting them on their campus and in their office. They cannot earn your trust without engaging in several conversations with your family. 

    I am certain that most of the 30 seniors at the Siena Baseball camp will see their competitive baseball career come to an end in high school this year. 

    That's not the story of the athletes with whom we work!

    You can be better. You can know better. You can expect better outcomes for working within our guidelines and principles for getting on the right colleges, meeting the right people, and asking the right questions. 

    Office # 203.470.3704

    A Simple Thought for the Day!!!

    A Simple Thought for the Day!!!


    "Living in the moment means that you're not going anywhere."- Lyn B., my Yoga Instructor

    Our minds are so busy and consumed in looking ahead to all the things we need to do or thinking back to the things we've done. We're constantly looking ahead to achieving goals, performing tasks, or anticipating fun. We're often looking back at reflecting on our recent performance or behavior. Many times, we get stuck on things that went wrong long ago of which we can't let go.

    The term "living in the moment" too often gives credence to providing immediate gratification. This represents our "want", as in "I want it now", that feeds on our desires!

    During a yoga class this week, Lyn pointed out that "living in the moment means you're not going anywhere." She said that our mind needs only to think of our immediate need, such as the need to breathe, and to feel our breath.

    I interpreted this to mean that in the immediate moment, my mind has no place to go. It cannot wander forward or backward. Rather it remains in the moment and focuses on my need at the moment, not my want. It's a subtle difference but a big difference in mindset. 

    Today, take a minute to stand still. Feel your feet planted firmly on the earth. Take a deep breath to enjoy the pure magic of breathing and the wonder of life!

    3 Steps to Winning Interviews

    3 Steps to Winning Interviews

    Every chance encounter represents an opportunity to show your caring side for building meaningful relationships.

    What can you do today to make someone else feel better, feel appreciated, feel worthy and of value to you?

    You may meet a cashier at the checkout counter or meet the hiring manager for the desired job. You may meet someone who 3 years later introduces you to his next-door neighbor, who 2 years later becomes your wife... that's my story!

    In my work with high school and college-age students, all of whom want to be chosen, selected, or accepted for something, every encounter is an interview of sorts. It may not be the old-style, one-sided interview of years past, but it's still an interview if you're savvy enough to capitalize on it.

    There are 
    3 Steps to getting this done and building valued relationships for doing so.

    # 1- Validate Yourself; this is accomplished in the style of your greeting with eye contact, facial expression, tone of voice, and genuine interest (must be genuine).

    When meeting admission counselors, you will be asked-
    How are you doing? 

    A validating response may go like this-
    I'm doing great! It's awesome to be standing here on this fabulous college campus and meeting with you.

    # 2- Establish Your Credentials; this is accomplished at the moment you have the chance to establish that you belong there, that there's a credible purpose for you being there in the moment.

    You might say something like this-
    "I've worked hard to earn my __ GPA and __ SAT score."

    If it fits the school standards for acceptance, then you've established your belonging.

    These first two steps are easy. They just take a little practice. It's Step 3 that's the difference-maker, the game-changer, the winning play! It's also the one that's missed by most people.

    # 3- Validate Them; these are all the things you can do to make them feel important and of value to you. It is accomplished in your selective use of statements to them and appropriate questions of them. It's in making the outcome feel more about them than about yourself.

    You might ask-
    "Why do you do this work?"
    "What is your biggest challenge in doing your job?"
    "What do you look for in desired applicants?"

    You may say-
    "Your job serves a great purpose here."
    "I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me today!"
    "Your acceptance is very important to me!"

    Here's the defining line. When everyone else is saying "My acceptance...", you're saying "Your acceptance..." It makes them feel important to you. It's the game-changer!

    Friends, life is much better when we validate others, all others regardless of their status. Recognizing others in every encounter and making them feel appreciated is a daily choice and therefore, it can become a worthy habit. 

    Thank you, I appreciate you!


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