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    Money Matters...does it matter to you?

    Money Matters...does it matter to you?


    "If it's not affordable, then it doesn't qualify as a good fit college."

    Although that statement makes perfect CollegeLogical Sense, far too many parents take the approach- "My child deserves it, I'll find a way to pay..." How many times have you heard that? I've heard it hundreds of times, and particularly so during this time of year when college decisions are being made.

    Let's be blunt here, no one's child "deserves" to have their parents bankrupt the family finances over their college costs. 

    Step # 1 for Preventing Family Pressure and Discontent at college decision time is-
    Prequalify your college budget one year in advance

    Step # 2 for Preventing Family Pressure and Discontent at college decision time is-

    Create college options that can meet your budget

    This is the ultimate cost saving strategy. Follow it and you can avoid tense family discussion and discontentment within the ranks when the time comes to make the right college choose.
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    College Admissions Done Right

    College Admissions Done Right


    "You can't parachute into the destination."- Stephen Covey

    John Houseman- Smith Barney- a trip down memory lane!

    You can't mass produce good college advice either...College is personal! It is in our bones. There are no shortcuts in the path to success. You can't parachute into the destination. Rather, you have to travel the full path, every step, one step at a time, with each step taken in its rightful order.

    Ponzi Schemes didn't end with exposing Bernie Madoff and College-scamming won't end this week either. The scammers are out there taking shortcuts. Side deals will be made. The work will be skipped. But in the end, they lose!

    Not us, not my families with whom I work. I take it personally. They understand the game. They know that getting college right is a conscious effort, an arduous process where great work lands great results. I show the path, the parents manage the course, the kids do the work...this is how it's done right!

    A thing about us. I am a big fan of Stephen Covey and his book- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

    We apply 3 Foundational Principles for getting college right.
    1. Get on the Right Colleges
    2. Meet the Right People
    3. Ask the Right Questions
    We have 6 Steps to Getting on the Right Colleges
    1. Build a College List
    2. Get Your College Timeline
    3. Create a Personal Marketing Package
    4. Communicate Your Interests to Colleges
    5. Plan College Trips
    6. Visit Colleges...the Right Colleges
    Kids can do a lot more. They have to prepare longer for the SAT/ ACT's. They need to work harder for improving grades. They should aspire to become more knowledgeable and aware of the world around them. They can do much more in preparing for impending opportunities and earning their way. There are no shortcuts to achieving success in this world today!

    Parents? You're not excluded. You can do more too. You can get involved earlier. You can be more knowledgeable of the process. You can know better what you are about to buyCOLLEGE. Together, we can get college right!
    Would you like to discuss this further?
    CollegeLogic, GetCollegeRight
    Office # 203.470.3704

    Bribes, Admissions Fraud...what's the big surprise?

    Bribes, Admissions Fraud...what's the big surprise?

     "Colleges mold their interests into the behaviors of society."- Marla Brady 

    First of all, I'm not bashing colleges. Most colleges continue to greatly develop their educational programs and enhanced student-experience with research, study abroad, and internship opportunities.They've expanded Majors from around 100 fifteen years ago to now over 300. College remains your best opportunity to advance in today's world. 

    However, paying to have someone else take your child's SAT's or paying a college coach to falsely recruit your child is despicable, dishonest, and a complete disgrace. Exposing them is welcome news!

    On the other hand, why would it surprise anyone that colleges favor the wealthy, and why shouldn't they? Everyone in business sells their wares to people who can afford them. Would you sell your house to someone who can't close the deal? Well of course not. Colleges don't have to either.

    My book Dissecting the Big Business of College discusses it all. I preach, teach, and coach this everyday of my life. Colleges run a great business. They protect their business model with greater ferocity and determination than parents protect their finances. As Marla Brady said, they mold their interests into the behaviors of society. Every policy and procedure supports their best interest, including-
    • Rising Costs (creates the perception of value)
    • The CSS Profile (protects the college coffers)
    • Early Decision Applications (puts colleges in control)
    • Exaggerated Job Placement Rates (90%...really?)
    • Manipulating the Ranking system (which is a farce)
    • The Financialization of College (keeps more $'s)
    • Information Sessions (their best Sales pitch)
    • Test Optional Policy (lower acceptance rates)
    • Career Counseling Department (extends the term)
    All of these policies and procedures protect the college interests, NOT YOURS! It's time to wake up to this reality- their interests are in conflict with yours. Don't blame the colleges for this, they're just running a great business and their clients, the parents, fall right in line!

    Bash the cheaters, the scammers, the fraudsters, and make them pay their dues...all of them- parents, college coaches, the schemers and perpetrators. They are a hindrance to society and exposing them is wonderful work of the investigators...bravo!

    Now you may perhaps begin to understand better the perspective of the college. Only then can you clear yourself of their spell for getting college right for you. Thank you. 
    Would you like to discuss this further?
    CollegeLogic, GetCollegeRight
    Office # 203.470.3704

    Free Yourself from the Stranglehood of College

    Free Yourself from the Stranglehood of College

    Fallacy: an error in reasoning that renders an argument invalid.

    The best work I can do is to free you of the college-stranglehold twisted by mistaken beliefs and common fallacies, perpetuated by colleges and spread by parents. 

    But to do so will cause you discomfort at first before you feel the freedom brought on by knowledge and logical reasoning.

    A classic example: Upon visiting colleges you will often hear them say- "You don't have to worry about college majors, we'll help you choose one." 

    Hearing this brings initial relief to the parents who come home to spread the good news...whew, we don't have to worry about college majors, they will figure it our for us!

    And that would be a fallacy. You see, if you buy into that line, then you are buying into the 5 1/2 year graduation plan they have for your child which comes at a steep price. But it makes perfect "uncomfortable sense." Once you apply logical reasoning to the discussion, you will surely see the necessity for planning college majors in advance and will feel a sense of relief as soon as you begin working on it. 

    Mom's and Dad's, the national average time it takes to graduate in a four-year degree is 5.8 years. The national average four-year graduation rate is 40%.  This is not by accident, rather it's by clear design of the college and allowed by the parents. It's up to you to change it. That thought may bring discomfort at first, but it will bring great relief in the end. 

    My message is- You can choose to know better for taking greater control of your outcomes!
    To save yourself from the stranglehold of college-


    CollegeLogic, GetCollegeRight
    Office # 203.470.3704

    Uncomfortable Sense

    Uncomfortable Sense

    "He usually makes uncomfortable sense in a world where most folks would rather just hear what they're used to hearing, which is often not much of anything. Those who know him generally like him well enough, provided he keeps his thoughts mostly to himself. And when he does talk, it isn't that they stop liking him, rather, they are not quite so satisfied with themselves." - William Paul Young, author-The Shack 

    Mom's and Dad's, welcome to the world of college where my role is to make "sense" of it all for you, which in turn may make you uncomfortable...uncomfortable in the realization that you don't know enough about what you're about to buy

    Your choice will always be to follow the typical beliefs of the general public, as trained by the big and powerful college-machine, or, you can decide to know better for yourself.

    For example, Colleges readily state their "Job Placement Rate" to be 90% hoping that you believe it and become more willing to pay their exorbitant price. But if you stop and think about this, you will conclude that it's nothing more than Fake News! In fact, if you question how they track it, they will become uncomfortable knowing that they don't, that it's nothing more than a made-up number that sounds good. 

    When I discuss this with parents, they immediately become agitated and often want to defend the college. Why? Because they don't want to believe they've been duped into thinking something so ridiculous as a 90% Job Placement makes perfect "uncomfortable sense".

    Another example? Many colleges have become "Test Optional" making parents believe it's because those colleges don't see value any longer in SAT's/ ACT's...another fallacy of the typical parent-belief. "Test Optional" is a strategy of college designed to achieve two goals- lower the acceptance rate by increasing the number of applications making the college appear to be "more selective"; two, raise application fee income by increasing submitted applications. It's simple, it's brilliant, and it makes perfect "uncomfortable sense"!

    Enough said, would you like to better know what you're about to buy? If so, then schedule
    a free half-hour College Review & Strategy call with me on Zoom...and don't shy away from Uncomfortable Sense!

    It can't be any other way if you are to achieve your college goals.
    CollegeLogic, GetCollegeRight
    Office # 203.470.3704