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    Get a personalized game-plan to get what you want out of college.

    With consulting packages as well as books and workbooks, you’ll be able to:

    • Win Admissions
    • Save Thousands
    • Play Sports

    Winning College Admissions

    The colleges hold the power-position. We take it back!

    CollegeLogic Students:

    • Win Preferred Admissions
    • Earn Top Scholarships
    • Graduate On Time with a Meaningful Degree

    Why so?

    • Our students become closely connected with the Admission Offices of their preferred colleges.
    • They write better essays and have better completed applications.
    • They have precise and timely follow-up.

    With CollegeLogic, you’ll have a plan and calm, structured process. Leave chaos and urgency behind.

    “While some students and families may find the college search and admissions process enjoyable and easy to manage, many find it daunting and stressful. Hans is an exceptional resource for students and parents alike, helping them find the right “fit” based on individual needs, interests and abilities. He inspires students to be proactive in taking ownership not only of the admission process but also of their own futures. His wealth of knowledge and resources helps students and their families avoid potential missteps and pitfalls. Hans is also a great coach and resource for recent graduates – assisting them with a plan and strategy for their career and job search.”

    — Parent Karen Haas of 2 CollegeLogic children

    Save Thousands on College Costs

    Everyone overpays for college to some degree. To what degree depends on what you know, or don’t know.

    CollegeLogic Parents:

    • Understand the Big Business of College
    • Maximize the Financial Award Package
    • Get their Desired Outcomes without Breaking the Family Bank

    Why so?

    • Because saving college costs comes from the power of knowledge. CollegeLogic families have a strengthened knowledge-based position.

    Getting the right cost takes knowledge, intention, and proper action. CollegeLogic can help.

    “Hans is the foremost authority on College Consulting in the nation. You have seen him in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and on CNBC. Why? Because he manages to simplify the college process down to its basic elements allowing students access to colleges only on their dream lists, and helping parents save tens of thousands of dollars on college costs through little known secrets that he possesses. Hans is a leader in this highly specialized niche, and continues to amaze people with his insight and his caring nature as he guides students to reach their maximum potential.”

    — Rich Glover, Professional Colleague

    Playing College Sports

    The key to playing college sports is building meaningful relationships beyond casual emails.

    CollegeLogic Athletes:

    • Connect with College Coaches
    • Determine Real Opportunity
    • Play College Sports—actually Play

    Why so?

    • Our student athletes are decisive, involved, engaged.
    • They take timely and proper action.
    • They do things others don't want to do, because they understand the benefit.

    College recruiting is a test of your commitment level. Most athletes never get beyond "casual emails.” CollegeLogic will connect you with the right coaches from the right colleges, leading to desired outcomes.

    “Hans thoughtfully guided our son, Mikey, through the necessary steps to achieve his dream of playing college baseball in a challenging academic setting. Without Hans, we would not have had as good an outcome; nor would we have been as sure about our decision. Hans planned, set expectations and held Mike accountable to meet deadlines, all while offering his support through regularly scheduled phone calls and assignments. He was especially helpful with the baseball recruitment process.

    Hans is big on the follow up! It's 2 years later, and he still follows up with Mike! Hans achieved an outcome for Mike that was great beyond our dreams. I highly recommend him.”

    — Parent Liz Donoghue, Son Mike, Emory University