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    “Everyone overpays for college. To what degree depends on what you know, or don’t know.”

    Our Student-Families:

    Earn Top Scholarships
    Create Leverage for Appeal and Negotiation
    Save Thousands on College Costs
    Get the Outcomes for College They Want

    Why so? Because the foundation for saving college costs is found within the power of knowledge and our families are knowledgeable. We focus on understanding the college perspective and how they do business. We treat it with the same level of seriousness and intent as they do with us.

    Why do people overpay? Because the college has it figured out and they figure you don’t.

    Common Mistakes:

    Parents allow colleges to own the power-position.

    Parents let the college dictate costs and terms.

    Parents give-in all too easy and all too often...colleges know this.

    Parents wait, then they hope; then they wish they got started sooner.

    We know it’s overwhelming for most families and that college costs are of huge concern. We’ve solved the hard part for you and we put you in control.

    Making a big mistake buying a color television is easily overcome. Making a big mistake buying a college education might cost your retirement.

    Our comprehensive analysis of costs and applied strategies is proven to save parents thousands on college costs counting both direct and indirect costs. Our strategies involve both the students and the parents. However, none involve manipulating family assets to get more financial aid. In fact, we don’t deal with ways to maximize financial aid, rather, we work to help you understand the college policy on financial aid and scholarships. College is expensive but you have more power over it than you think. But to have power, you must have knowledge. We understand the big business of college and we share that with you for helping you save on college costs.

    Welcome to CollegeLogic, we’re happy to have you here. We offer a free 30-minute college review call to settle your mind on a few things, and if we both agree, then we will proceed ahead with the next steps. Just a word of caution, we are big fans of Stephen Covey’s Book- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People!

    Check out our Products and Services to learn more about our Personal Consulting Packages.