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    “The colleges are masters at molding their interests into the behaviors of society.”

    Our Student-Families:

       Win College Admissions

       Earn Top Scholarships

       Graduate On-time with a Meaningful Degree

       Save on College Costs

    You can’t just hit the submit button and think these things are going to be your story.

    You can’t leave this to others if getting college right is important to you.

    You can’t be a stealth applicant and expect to win acceptance into your top school.

    You can’t wait on this unless you enjoy a state of chaos and crisis.

    The college process for winning admissions, earning scholarships, studying the right degree program, and saving college costs takes diligent work, knowledge, involvement, and a strategic plan. Being a “Stealth Applicant” is neither a working plan nor effective strategy. In fact, it’s a weak approach though all too typical. It’s a prescription for application denials and compromised scholarships. And who wants that? Being known to admissions well in advance of submitting applications is your ticket to higher acceptance rates and larger scholarships, that’s a big win! It’s this way for many reasons, mostly due to the analytics of the admission equation (the college perspective at work). Know it and win, or leave it all to chance otherwise.

    We know it’s overwhelming and that college costs are of huge concern. We’ve solved the hard part for you. Here are the keys to winning the college application and scholarship game:

    1. Operate from a college list that match’s the student’s qualifications and interests, along with the parent’s interests and needs; this can’t be left to random selection.
    2. Inform, that means contact and connect, the key decision-makers of your interest and intentions; why not get to know the people who will decide upon your fate?
    3. Visit the colleges, meet the admission counselors, and build value in you; that’s CollegeLogical.
    4. Make it your plan to submit applications early, otherwise it gets too late; and that will cost you.
    5. Have a top quality written essay, effective for its purpose; not to be taken casually.
    6. Have a completed Common Application; it’s either complete or it’s not; incomplete can be spotted in a moment’s notice.
    7. Give each supplemental question its due time and consideration as the counselors can tell otherwise; and that will cost you.
    8. Don’t just hit the “Submit” button, then hope, wait, and wish; that’s not what ambitious students and serious parents do, rather, they follow-up and follow-through.

    Our step-by-step process assures that you gain every advantage possible along the way. Those who follow our process win admission acceptances and larger financial awards to their preferred colleges. And you can too as long as it’s important to you. You see, we pay close attention to what’s important leaving the state of chaos and urgency to others. We understand the college perspective, and we share that with you for winning at their game. 

    Welcome to CollegeLogic, we’re happy to have you here. We offer a free 30-minute college review call to settle your mind on a few things, and if we both agree, then we will proceed ahead with the next steps. Just a word of caution, we are big fans of Stephen Covey’s Book- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People!