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    “The single biggest key to playing college sports is to connect with college coaches beyond casual emails and camp invites. It's also the hardest thing.”

    Our Student-Athlete-Families:

       Connect with College Coaches

       Play College Sports

       Maximize Scholarship Potential

       Enjoy College Success

    You can’t just play travel sports and think that will land you a college roster spot.

    You can’t just register for showcases and camps and think that will land you a college roster spot.

    You can’t rely on others to get you recruited and think that will land you a college roster spot.

    You can’t win the game of college recruiting by hoping, waiting, and wishing for it to happen.

    The college recruiting process for landing a real, credible college playing opportunity requires decisiveness, action, involvement, engagement, and knowledge. It takes getting to know college coaches long before they will come see you play. It takes planning for evaluations rather than hoping for exposure. It takes building relationships with coaches beyond casual emails and camp invites. Does anybody get those?

    The foundation for success is found within the power of your knowledge, the strength of your organization, and unique advantage of your preparation. Here are the essential elements:

    1. Build a college list matching the student’s qualifications, interests, and needs
    2. Create a personal marketing package complete with profile sheet, introductory email
    3. Contact and connect with college coaches
    4. Plan college trips and prepare for college visits
    5. Turn a 10-minute coach’s meeting into an hour-long meeting
    6. Plan for evaluations and personal feedback
    7. Understand real athletic opportunity, credible offers, and scholarships

    Our step-by-step process assures that you gain every advantage possible along the way. Those who follow our process connect with college coaches in a meaningful way, leading to evaluations and private feedback. We have the proven process mapped out for you. We identify each step, when to take it, how to take it, and the rightful order for all of it. We focus on the important and leave the urgent to others less savvy. We are opportunity-minded and leave problem-mindedness to other less suspecting families. We understand the college perspective, and we share that with you for winning at their game. 

    Welcome to CollegeLogic, we’re happy to have you here. We offer a free 30-minute college review call to settle your mind on a few things, and if we both agree, then we will proceed ahead with the next steps. Just a word of caution, we are big fans of Stephen Covey’s Book- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People!

    Check out our Products and Services to learn more about our Personal Consulting Packages.